Lessons learned when leaders leave….

12 May


I’ve read several books on the topic of leadership and management.  Many from my favorites authors, like John C. Maxwell and Ken Blanchard.   Transparency, influence, honesty, and respect are touted all the time, but when 5 leaders leave in 2 months, doesn’t seem like the transparency, influence, honesty and respect were present.   No where have read how to respond or comprehend the departure when that many leaders leave, but I came up with a few…

1.  Take a good look at your own leadership style because you may be called to task
2.  Repeat, because it may be the right time for you to create your own
3.  Take a good look at those around you, what is their reflection.
4.  Repeat, be conscious of what you are reflecting
5.  Assess the damage, be aware of the gaping holes
6.  Repeat, assess the damage caused by the holes in the moral fabric of a leader.
7.  Reflect, have you paid attention, took notes, followed the leader
8.  Repeat, ask would anyone pay attention, take notes, follow you

P.S.  Let’s make it an even 10…share you thoughts….

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