It’s in the DNA…Educator & Entrepreneur

27 May

Mom and Dad Eleanor & Henry – Mom & Dad…an interesting pair to say the least.  Educators all their lives, I learned that there is nothing more powerful than knowledge.

When she was not teaching a class of first-graders, my Mother sold Amway.   Mom was so focused on becoming a Diamond Member that she bought and read several books to become a better saleswoman.  Many of them I have kept, studied, highlighted and hold true.  Her all-time favorite is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  She even made my brother and I write a summary of few philosophies from the book.

After 40+ years of teaching middle school biology and GED classes, my Dad started HLJKidKapers and published his first book – “Who Stole My Letter”.   He didn’t read any books on business, marketing or selling and his favorite book is the Holy Bible, King James Version.  I have the copy he gave me for Christmas.

In it he wrote, “Dear Jennifer, this is the number one best-seller of all times.  It’s a story that is told and retold throughout the ages.  It takes a while, but I want you to know the story.” Love Dad,1988

Even as I write this entry, looking at the photo, I notice how they cared for me.  My Mother, balancing me with one hand, while I try to stand on the sofa.   My Dad, holding me with both hands, cradled I guess.  As I reflect on all their lessons, having knowledge of self and curious of what my future holds, I say “Thank You” for loving each other enough to bring forth Jennifer L. Jones (JLJones500), Educator and Entrepreneur.

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