Faster, Better, Cheaper

15 Jul
Faster, Better, Cheaper

In my last post, My Country Tis of Greed, I express my “ick” opinion towards the game of Monopoly.  In the Millionaire Edition, the first person to a $1,000,000 is the winner…and the game is over.    “Success is no longer a journey, it’s immediate”.   No more long journeys around the board, hoping not to land on “Go To Jail”, or on a heavily developed property owned by your opponent

My wife and I played the game and she won.  Her strategy was to upgrade as quickly as possible.   She upgraded to a luxury car, while I kept the bicycle.  Then, she upgraded to a jet, while I kept the bicycle.  The value of her jet and semi-developed property was valued over $1,000,000, while my bicycle and developed property gave me a measly $745,000.    Her strategy proved faster, her properties were better, but not necessarily cheaper.    Better?…hmm.    Sustainable?…hmm

There’s a naive perspective that seems that there are faster, better and cheaper ways to succeed.  True, technology makes it easier, but you can’t do all three of those simultaneously.   Quality and sustainability suffer.  There’s an impossible utopia with immediate success.   Determine your road to success, whether faster, better or cheaper.  Decide which 2 traits are important to you and be prepared to compromise on the 3rd.

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