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Find the “HAW” in you.

A quick read, good book, reaffirms what we all know.  Change is inevitable.   

Change happens around you and change happens within you.

Find the “HAW” in you

Who Moved My Cheese


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What Moves Me

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Question Everything

One who does not ask a question, remains a fool forever ~ Chinese Proverb.


Graphic tee designed by JLJONES500

Question Everything designed by JLJONES500.

Never lose your child like curiosity, for curiosity is a trait of intelligence.

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There will be light


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Meeting of the Minds

The photo below is a repost on my Facebook page, but for all others, this post is more than the photo.   When I saw this photo, immediately I thought – Mastermind Alliance.   What is a Mastermind Alliance you ask?

Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Nas and Timbaland

Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Nas and Timbaland

Well, I learned from Think and Grow Rich that the Mastermind Alliance is the blending of two or more minds in perfect harmony toward a specific objective.

That definition is not enough.

A Mastermind Alliance creates a third mind…you know that warm, arousing cosmic energy.   To summarize an excerpt from the book, Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion, by Napoleon Hill, the frequency of that cosmic energy brings harmony.  Mind chemistry enables in team to perform in friendly, harmonious ways between each person involved.  The frequency or vibration takes form in what appears to be a sixth sense.

                                                                                                 Has your team ever tapped into the sixth sense or felt that type of energy?   I have…in bits and pieces, with all of my startups, and the feeling is WONDERFUL.

Looking at the photo, can you imagine the new track that will be blasting in your ear, from car speakers and bass so heavy that it’s rattling every ounce of your car.   You say to yourself, “I would have never thought of that”

I end this post tonight saying, ‘Yes you can think of that’.   It definitely won’t be the new beats coming from the collaboration in the photo, but it can be your own creation.   You need your own Mastermind Alliance.  Your vision needs the right team, masters of their own minds, equally yoked, working in perfect harmony towards a single objective.  Another takeaway for the night, ‘Stay in your lane’ – to be explained an upcoming post. 


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Can’t feel bad about the week that was…

I read somewhere that every moment of your life should be spent working toward your goal. Well, this week, every moment of this week, I couldn’t make myself read any of my books, look at any of my notes, or edit future plans.

I spent time at my 9-5, actually working my 9-5. I wrote a new job description that I will present on Tuesday, I went to lunch with a colleague and with that worker bee numbness, traveled each way, back and forth on the Metra.

Then I remembered something else I read…’non-doing is a cornerstone of mastery in any realm of activity’.
How do I apply this statement?

Metra commuter rides = Meditation

Wherever You Go, There You Are, Jon Kabat Zinn

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Lessons learned when leaders leave….


I’ve read several books on the topic of leadership and management.  Many from my favorites authors, like John C. Maxwell and Ken Blanchard.   Transparency, influence, honesty, and respect are touted all the time, but when 5 leaders leave in 2 months, doesn’t seem like the transparency, influence, honesty and respect were present.   No where have read how to respond or comprehend the departure when that many leaders leave, but I came up with a few…

1.  Take a good look at your own leadership style because you may be called to task
2.  Repeat, because it may be the right time for you to create your own
3.  Take a good look at those around you, what is their reflection.
4.  Repeat, be conscious of what you are reflecting
5.  Assess the damage, be aware of the gaping holes
6.  Repeat, assess the damage caused by the holes in the moral fabric of a leader.
7.  Reflect, have you paid attention, took notes, followed the leader
8.  Repeat, ask would anyone pay attention, take notes, follow you

P.S.  Let’s make it an even 10…share you thoughts….

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